Top Surf Spots on Maui

When you think of Maui, what comes to mind? Hopefully you think of some of the great homes for sale here, which I have listed on my site. From homes for sale in Kaanapali to oceanfront homes and condos for sale, there’s no shortage of great properties for sale right now so make sure to check those out. And once you settle on a great property, make sure to check out these top surf spots on Maui too!

1. Honolua Bay: Surely by now you have heard of Honolua Bay! This epic surf spot attracts some of the world’s best surfers and it’s no wonder why! With views that you really can’t compare to anywhere else in the world and plenty of wave action, you’ll definitely want to hit Honolua Bay sooner than later!

2. Hookipa: Located along the famous Road to Hana and outside of Maui’s beloved Paia town, Hookipa is home to some great lefts and rights. You can find some famous surfers here almost any day of the week, such as Kai Lenny, and check out some amazing surf competitions from time to time. Not quite as famous as Jaws, home to big-wave contests, it’s still a great place to surf for those of any level.

3. Kahului Harbor: Here’s a little kept secret on the island. The Kahului Harbor is a great surf spot and is sought after by a lot of local surfers who enjoy speed and excitement on the water!

4. Lahaina Harbor: If you are a beginner surfer, the Lahaina Harbor is an ideal place to learn. With plenty of surf schools around, you won’t be the only beginner in the water either, a comforting feeling in an intimidating setting.

5. Olowalu: Before you enter Lahaina, you’ll see a wide stretch of beaches with long waves that will pique the interest of any active surfer. With plenty of waves to go around, you won’t have to fight the line up to get a good wave here. Park to the side and pick your wave before paddling out for the time of your life.

Those are a few of the top surf spots to check out on Maui. If you are interested in seeing some of the top real estate for sale too then make sure to contact me. I have years of experience in the industry here in Hawaii and would love to help you find your dream home. I look forward to working with you soon.