Taste the Hawaiian Rainbow at Ululani’s

A plantation treat turned state staple, shave ice has been ingrained into the local culture making it a must try for those looking to get the full Hawaii experience. A specialty that has evolved separately from the snow cones and shaved ice of the Pacific Northwest, Hawaiian shave ice has shaped into a mix of treats that radiates the diversity of Hawaii. Syrups have expanded from the traditional strawberry and vanilla to the more exotic, like guava and passion fruit. Different flavors are not the only additions to what was once ice with sugar cane syrup, shave ice can now be coupled with ice cream and azuki beans. With the variety of interesting flavors, you will want to get your taste buds a treat.

So where would a visiting foodie find this icy sweet (or tangy) cup of goodness on Maui? Well the local favorite, Ululani’s, has locations all over the island making it easy for a traveler to get their hands on this flavored, feathery ice treat. Making their debut at the end of 2008 with a small shop on Front Street in Lahaina, just 20 minutes from your Kapalua residence, the company has quickly gained popularity enabling them to expand to more than just one shave ice machine. What has set Ululani’s apart from other shave ice vendors on the island is their dedication to providing quality syrups touched with aloha.

Embodying the spirit of aloha within every part of their operations, Ululani’s also works to include every type of customer at each of their five locations around Maui. With ten of the fifty-eight syrups being sugar-free, the company is providing options for even the diabetic consumer looking for a treat. Infusing island tastes as well as the modern basics, Ululani’s has every flavor of the rainbow and is experimenting with much more. They even make it easy for a newbie to try the local’s favorite combinations with a combo list on their menu. Whether you are trying Hawaiian shave ice for the first time or are a seasoned frozen dessert enthusiast, Ululani’s hits the spot with a little aloha.