Reasons to Purchase a Condo on Maui

Popular among couples and young families, condominiums in Maui offer a host of features and amenities, including gorgeous island views, that perfectly complement your life in paradise. Here are several reasons why you may want to consider making a luxury condo your next real estate purchase on Maui:

Location, location, location!

The best condominiums in West Maui can be found in the wonderful resort areas of Kaanapali, Kapalua, and Lahaina. These areas are home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Maui and are also easily accessible to many of the most popular activities and attractions on the island. For instance, if you purchase a condominium in Kapalua, you will be nearby some of Hawaii’s best golf courses. Aside from the legendary golf courses, Kapalua is also home to beautiful beaches and marine sanctuaries. Living in Kapalua means you will not get bored given the many activities you can do outdoors, from golfing to swimming, snorkeling, and more.

Premier Amenities

One of the advantages of living in a condo on Maui is that you will have access to premier facilities and amenities; swimming pools, gym, sauna, well-maintained garden, BBQ pits, lounge area, tennis areas, and more. All this and more are made available for owners and their guests; making living in a condo on Maui feel like you are on holiday every day of the week!

Breathtaking Views

Another unique feature of many Maui condos are the majestic island views available from most, if not all, rooms. As you know, Maui is a stunning paradise, with views of spectacular coastal scenery and lush greenery everywhere you look. Depending on where you live, condos here provide some of the most breathtaking landscape views in the world. Just imagine waking up to beautiful sunrises and watching the whales playing at the ocean water from your own lanai. If you want to wake up every day with the relaxing views of the ocean from your window, nothing beats living in a condominium in West Maui.

Save on Utility and Maintenance Costs

In terms of size, condominiums are known for being relatively small. But smaller space also means lesser maintenance fees and lower bills to pay. It is relatively cheaper to maintain a condominium unit – from cleaning to furnishing and monthly utility bills.

Safety and Security

Although Maui is a very safe place to call home, living in a condominium can help to guarantee your safety and security. Many  of the best condo buildings in West Maui are equipped with surveillance cameras, gated facilities, and security guards who can ensure your safety 24/7.

Investment Potential

Condos in West Maui are highly sought after not just as primary residences, but also by those looking to vacation on our wonderful island. For this reason, many condos in the area offer the option of being vacation rentable when the owner is away, or until the owner wish to move here full time. Not only does this make for a nice source of additional income to the owner, but the high demand also helps to insure that your condo purchase will increase in value as time goes on!

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