Moving to Maui

Maui has always been one of the best choices for those looking for an island getaway. As such, many people do not just fall in love with the island; they ultimately decide to make a move here! With a rich cultural history, scenic environment, wealth of outdoor activities, and much, much more on offer, it is no wonder why many people consider making Maui their home. If you too are ready to move here, I have put together a fantastic guide for making your move to Maui a simple affair.

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Figure out what part of Maui you want to move to
Maui offers a variety of places to live in, depending on your preferred lifestyle. Like any other place in the United States, each area has many distinct characteristics.  Here is a list of popular areas to help you figure out where to purchase your home in Maui:

  • West Maui
    If you love tropical weather, the west side of Maui offers a warm and sunny enclave throughout the areas of Kapalua, Kaanapali, Lahaina, Napili, and Kahana. Here you will find a sunny climate and many homes and condos fronting some of the world’s best beaches; a setting which provides the perfect backdrop to enjoy various activities and entertainment not found anywhere else on the planet!
  • South Maui
    A popular place for single folks, young families, and retirees alike, the South Maui areas of Wailea, Makena, and Kihei offer a selection of luxury condominiums and homes, many beachfront with fantastic ocean views, and centrally located to a variety of shops and dining options.
  • Upcountry
    Homes in Upcountry Maui are nestled in the foothills of Mt Haleakala, where residents enjoy a cooler temperature due to the area’s higher elevation. The bicoastal views from atop the rolling hills of Upcountry are simply breathtaking.
  • North Shore
    The North Shore of Maui includes miles of spectacular undeveloped beachfront property, dramatic rugged shorelines, world-class surf breaks, and an exceedingly diverse population within a primarily rural setting.
  • Wailuku
    Located just ten minutes from the Kahului Airport, Wailuku is a part of Maui’s central business district and the seat of government for Maui County. Here you will find charming storefronts throughout this historic town showcasing dozens of family businesses; many of which have been in continuous operation for generations, along with historical buildings and theaters, hip boutiques, antiques, local coffee shops, and much more.

Consider the moving costs

  • Remember, Maui is an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. As such, shipping fees can add up quickly. Now is a good time for a bit of housekeeping to de-clutter your belongings to only those items that you really want to make the move with you.
  • Ask yourself if you really want to take your old furniture or would rather buy new ones when you arrive? Large, bulky items are usually quite costly, in time and in money, to pack and ship.
  • If you do choose to ship your belongings, do your research on the shipping companies that cater to Maui.

Shipping your car and pets to Maui

  • While Maui is a relatively small island in the middle of the Pacific, having a vehicle to travel around in is almost a requirement here. And while you could sell your current vehicle(s) and buy a new one here, if you have a new(ish) vehicle with a lot of miles left in it, you would be advised to simply ship it here instead. Pricing for shipping varies, with current rates from the West Coast to Maui in the $1,500 range from California and Seattle ports. For more information, contact Matson or Pasha Hawaii.
  • If you have pets bring with you to Maui, keep in mind that Hawaii is a rabies-free state. By Hawaii state law, all pets must adhere to pet quarantine requirements provided by the State of Hawaii.

Make plans in advance

  • If you have not already, create a “moving budget” that takes into consideration your essential costs before, during, and after your move (such as plane tickets, shipping fees, food, entertainment, etc.)  Add a bit of padding to this budget to take care of any unexpected issues (eg. cancelled flights, delayed car shipments, etc.) and emergencies.

Join the community

  • Once settled in Maui, check with your new friends, neighbors, or colleagues for recommendations for schools, physicians, service providers, etc.
  • To make the most out of your new home on Maui, get involved in community projects and activities such as ecological clean up, restoration projects, church-related activities, local charities, etc.
  • Moving to a new place and getting acclimated to the community may take some time, but is worth every second!

Take things slowly, and always remind yourself why you chose to be in Maui in the first place — to live your life in paradise!