Kapalua Bay Beach Moves Up National Ranking

Luxury condos, exclusive residences, great restaurants, and professional level golf courses are just a part of the ambience of Kapalua.  Adding to the charm of the area is a spectacular gift from nature. Kapalua Bay, with it’s silky sands and black lava outcroppings, is home to a premier beach. Kapalua Bay Beach recently moved up to the number 2 spot in the 2017 Top 10 Beach List done by Dr. Beach himself, coastal expert Stephen P. Leatherman, a professor at Florida International University.

One of the unique aspects of Kapalua Bay Beach, in comparison to many Hawaiian beaches, is the limited number of waves.  According to Leatherman this makes it great for safe swimming. Only one other Hawaii beach was listed; Hapuna Beach State Park on the Big Island of Hawaii,  coming in at the number 7 spot.

This is not Kapalua Bay Beach’s first time gracing the list. First established in 1991, the top 10 list featured Kapalua as it’s first national winner.  Once a beach is declared the winner, it is retired from the list.  In 2016 however, Dr. Beach started over, and Kapalua once again became eligible, and naturally made the top 10 list right away. Not too far down the road, D. T. Fleming Beach was named top beach in the country in 2006.

Located on the northwest side of Maui, Kapalua Bay Beach is sheltered and usually calm. If you’re a beginning snorkeler or feel your adventure level doesn’t go much past the first few feet of water, this is a wonderful beach for you. Slightly more adventurous? There are protective reefs on either side of the bay where a variety of local fish and other sea dwellers can be found.

Strolling along Kapalua Bay Beach makes for a wonderful start to any morning, and the Coconut Grove would make a great home base.  There are many other near-by options as well: from the Kapalua Bay Villas and Kapalua Golf Villas, to the Ridge at Kapalua.

Why live on just any beach when you could live on one of the top ranked beaches in the nation?