Enjoy These Hiking Trails in Kapalua

When it comes to hiking in Maui, few places can compare to my favorite – Kapalua. Kapalua is a great place to live, buy a home, and to spend your days in bliss on Maui and that goes double for when it comes to the epic hiking that surrounds this pristine area. Read on to learn about my favorite hiking trails in Kapalua.

1. Mahana Ridge Trail: Looking for a trail that comes with a mountain view? Well this is your ticket! This ridge trail connects the Maunalei Arboretum to the heart of Kapalua Resort. It comes with some unmatchable views of Mokupea and Honokahua Gulches, and you can follow this trail all the way to the ocean. You can either enter it through the Kapalua Village Center or by D.T. Flemings Beach. It is a long hike, around 20 miles, so make sure you are prepared. Pack a bag, water, some snacks, and bring a friend or partner along. Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

2. Coastal Trail: If you would like to explore the ocean’s edge, then the coastal trail in Kapalua is for you! This hike is along Kapalua Bay Beach, across from Oneloa Bay. You can access it by heading through the Ritz-Carlton or D.T. Fleming Beach Park. It’s not a difficult trail and offers some great picture perfect views.

3. Village Trail: Here is a unique opportunity to see the west side of Maui. These walking trails will take you along a former golf course. There are several trails here that are good for all types of hikers-from beginners to experienced. Enjoy!

Those are a few of my favorite hiking spots in Kapalua. So whether you have been hiking your whole life or are just starting to indulge in it as a hobby, you’re going to love hiking in Kapalua. And just as you fall in love with the west side of Maui, you will likely be drawn to living here. If that is the case I can help you with that goal as well. If you are interested in seeing some of my favorite homes in this area, as well, then please do not hesitate to give me a call or contact me. I am very knowledgeable about real estate in Hawaii and would love to share with you my expertise so we can find you the ideal home that you’ve always dreamed of. Contact me today and let’s get you started off right!